Olympic Channel App Reviews

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Crashed within 30 seconds of opening the app while I was searching for something to watch. Seems many other reviewers have had similar problems.

Can’t even play a video

It is unfortunate that 0 star is not an option. I have had to use this app as the IFSC (the ruling body for sports climbing) decided that sports climbing world championship and World Cup would be exclusively available through the Olympic channels in the US (rest of the world can still use YouTube). Since then it has been a horrible experience. The video are really hard to find drowned as they are in uninteresting additional content (like a pro gamer likes to climb or other such slightly related). Once found most of the time the video fails to play. When it does play it does not remember from one session to another where I was in the video.


Trying to watch the curling championships because for some reason the playoffs aren’t on TV???!!! So I download the app and literally takes several minutes to see one stone thrown. Bravo for not putting this on live TV and then having a garbage app that does nothing but buffer

Buffers and skips

I really appreciate the access to Olympic sports on here, especially curling, but I’ve really struggled with the quality of the video. I have the fastest broadband available in my metro area, and full WiFi reception, yet the app buffers and skips around every 5-30 seconds. It’s too frustrating to be worth watching.

Live stream doesn’t work

Only after a few seconds of watching an event, the screen freezes and has to buffer. Don’t count on watching anything live, you’ll just be disappointed. Videos work but not live events.

Terrible App

First of all I’m not a Russian Bot, this App needs a lot of work keeps crashing especially when you use with Apple TV. NBC you need to develop an Apple TV app ASAP.

Live Events Still Unwatchable Due to Buffering

Every event watched live still buffers every 3-5 seconds and that’s on a 50mb fiber connection. Sent many an email to the Olympic Channel/NBC Sports to complain. They seem uninterested or unable to fix.

Absolute garbage

Zero stars if possible I can't stream anything for more than few seconds then it freezes. I wait. Another couple secs (after I've missed part of the sport) streaming then again freezes. I had to find alternate for olympics and I've deleted this crap app

I couldn’t find what I was looking for

I tried to get a video on a figure skating team it kept on saying no results found I am positive I spelled their names right

Sick of these cable service required apps

I don't have cable! Why should I need cable for an app like this? I think the world needs less cable and less of these types of apps!

TV providers

This app deserves 0 stars. Not all of us enjoy hearing the NBC commentary, nor do we have cable or a streaming device such as Netflix/Hulu. It’s absurd that we need to sign in to a paying streaming device just to watch it live. How can anyone possibly be okay with this? I hope that by the time the summer Olympics come, this won’t be an issue. I missed out on a lot of great coverage just because of the streaming issue.



Can’t watch live

I have been trying to watch live sports,but I just can not

Nothing works

And I thought the NBC website was bad... This is just pathetic

Waste of time

The app and channel does not broadcast any Olympic competition just news.


Pretty much every video doesn’t work. Horribly organized app with stuff all over - not clear.


In this day and age why do i have to watch only the events being broadcast? Get it together will you? How is this in any way user friendly. You could do so much better but you just deliver the bare minimum. Congratulations.


If your looking to stream any events live, then you’re looking the wrong place. Good luck trying to watch the olympics for free or for a low price.

There are two Olympic video apps and neither of them are for watching videos

First I downloaded the Olympics app and then side when I tried to play video and it immediately referred me to another different Olympic TV app. I looked around to see if there was anyway I could, you know, watch the Olympics at all with one of these apps. Then referred me to my a selection of other sites, providers, and app s...it it cheerfully informed me that it had partnered With all sorts of other swell ways to watch video. What is tangled user experience...it feels exactly like old clunky stupid content providers in the late 1990s.

Help w/ Live tv working

So I logged in for my tv provider and even created an account for the app. I clicked on the tab tv and then on the play button “on now”. Then I was taken to the page where you watch the live event, but nothing was loading. I pressed the play button, but nothing changed. The video stream wouldn’t even load. Can you explain why it isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be? When I looked at the schedule, it said on Thursday there is one Live Now. I clicked on that stream, but was led to the page previously stated. I really want to watch the Olympics on my phone. Can you guys just fix the app or at least explain why I’m not able to watch the live eventv


Videos won’t even play

Fake app! Not broadcasting pyeongchang 2018!!

I wanted to watch pyeongchang 2018 olympic live. But this app broadcast Sochi 2014 olympic now. Such a big fake app!! I'm very disappointed.


I agree with others. This app is 💩. I was expecting to stream some of the events live while working only to find nothing but a bunch of videos and links to websites. If I could give this half a star or zero starts I would. Don’t waste your time downloading because this app is useless.


The format, design, and usability of this app are all equally atrocious - NBC has to remodel it to reach younger audiences and save the Olympics.

yeah, not useless, very awesome

take this dumb russian bots, I downloaded this app and found out you are full of it! not only is the interactive medal table easy to read, but the streaming of live events is cool too! five out of five stars from me.


Do not wast ur time 3/4 of app does not work the other 1/4 is adds

No sound...worthless

Title says it all.

Awful + useless

This app doesn’t do the one thing people get it for. I put in my cable user info and I still can’t watch 💩 on it. Terrible app.

One star is high!

In order to watch tv on this, i had to sign in to Spectrum. Successful, but no TV. Useless and deleted!

Doesn’t work

Click on play and nothing happens.

Ignore the negative reviews

Ignore the negative reviews. They are probably bots from Russia with a bent nose b/c they are banned this year. I like this app b/c it’s about the Olympics - past, present AND the future. Good background information and good overall coverage. Keep up the good work!

why does this app exist?

what is the point?? someone tell me what it is?? the app does nothing. I NEVER review things, but let me tell you something: I signed in with my cable provider, and there's nothing to watch. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO WATCH THE EVENTS LIVE USE THE WEBSITE AND/OR THE NBC SPORTS APP. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

Don’t bother

NBC decided to play games with providers, so screw ‘em and this app.

App doesn’t work

In order to watch the live stream you have to enter your cable provider, which is capitalizing off the games, going against what the olympics are all about. Then once you gain access to the live stream it will not play. Useless!

Bad app

No support for iPhone X

Not working

I have the same issue as most other reviewers at the moment: logged in with my tv provider but hitting play on the “live” section doesn’t do anything. Guess I’m gonna pirate it.

Utterly useless

It is literally (in the literal meaning of the word) impossible to find anything that you might actually want to watch on this app. It is under trash.

Tv support

Doesn't support sling tv.

Absolutely useless....

Every tab or screen I tried to access was dead to the touch. Navigating from screen to screen was flawless.... kudos for that but the app did absolutely nothing for me. Hopefully this wasn’t an attempt to steal users’ tv providers info........

Doesn’t work

Tapped to watch live video. No dice.

No volume.

Would be awesome if there was sound.

Don’t bother

Buggy and only works if you already have access.

Live Does not work

On High Speed WiFi and signed in to DirectTv. The app will not play any live feeds despite the schedule showing live events. Disappointing.

Live stream don’t work

Signed in using my TV service provider but the lifestream won’t play. When I click play nothing happens, it doesn’t even try and load the lifestream.

Worthless App

Supposedly the games are underway, though how do we watch the opening ceremony? This app is tied to having a subscription service, soot is useless. I thought the games were supposed to be free for all to watch. There should be a class action lawsuit.

Couldn’t find a use

I clicked through the options and tabs just trying to find the live broadcasts. I was hoping to catch a few early events and the tournaments that start before opening ceremonies. All I can see are clip stories and plus content, which I’m assuming isn’t free. Last winter games, I could watch the entire curling tournament! What happened?!

A handful of providers

If you have DISH or something other than xfinity or direct tv, you’re out of luck. I’ve never had a tv station that doesn’t have dish.

No Suddenlink support

Either support my cable tv provider (Suddenlink) or stream it free please.

No replays

This app stinks - why no replays?

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